Founded in 2011, QSE Ltd is a leading provider of management systems, training and business support. Based near Edinburgh, we have a strong core team as well as a specialist network of associates who operate throughout the UK and around the globe.

Experienced, professional and with an outstanding reputation for quality, we’re experts across a wide range of sectors. We work with companies of any size on one-off or long-term projects – keeping clients up to date and compliant with all QHSE requirements. Clients will benefit from our vast experience and our comprehensive knowledge of management systems – leading to a real and lasting impact on business success.

We also have in-depth expertise in the distinctive oil and gas sector, and can provide specific training and business support services to meet the industry’s specialised needs.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, with a professional, dependable and friendly approach. As a trusted partner to our clients, we have developed many close working relationships, and as an independent company, clients can always be sure that our advice is impartial and in their best interests.

Meet the Team

About Frank

As the owner and founder of QSE, Frank is an assessor and consultant with many years of experience across a diverse range of sectors. With a background in marine engineering, he has worked with numerous oil and gas operators, contractors and suppliers, as well as in a wide range of other industries.

Frank has extensive expertise in QHSE management systems, as well as auditing, monitoring, maintenance and legislative compliance. He works in close partnership with clients to successfully develop, implement and maintain tailored management systems to ISO Standards, leading to significant business improvement.

Frank demonstrates the benefits
of image manipulation software

Lynne demonstrates using the games controller to navigate around Perfect Paints

About Lynne

Lynne has a broad depth of skills and experience, leading to her unique range of attributes as a trainer. She trained as a pharmacologist, working as a scientific researcher in drug development. Lynne then went on to work as a police officer, specialising in crime prevention and personal safety, using her knowledge and skills with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. She also has extensive experience teaching in local authority education. Lynne has over thirty years’ experience in a variety of backgrounds, each with its own policies, procedures and processes – all aimed at delivering safe, efficient and effective outcomes. Lynne has honed her skills in investigating and training to implement streamlined business management systems and deliver high-quality training in support.