Perfect Paints Training Software

What is Perfect Paints?

Perfect Paints is an interactive, virtual workplace designed to be used in a variety of training courses. Situated on a virtual industrial estate, it is populated with all the features you would expect.

This multi-sensory training software, combined with the experience of our trainers, is designed to give trainees as many opportunities as possible to practice the auditor skills they learn.

Trainees navigate through the factory using a games controller or computer keyboard and are free to follow audit trails as they wish, make observations, gather information and ask questions, just as they would in a real audit.

Perfect Paints Business Management System
Perfect Paints Training Software Machinery

It is supported by a fully documented and accessible business management system, modelled on ISO 9001 standard and provides trainees with lots of opportunities to verify information they collected inside the our factory.

Take a tour of our training software below:

Why Virtual Reality?

We’re excited by the learning outcomes that trainees can achieve and believe there’s truly nothing else as in-depth and comprehensive out there.

Perfect Paints Training Software Factory Floor
Our Developers

Renowned for its gaming capabilities, Abertay University attracts some of the best technological and gaming design students worldwide. We tapped into this fantastic resource to create a virtual reality training programme that gives trainees real practical experience in a digital setting.

Licensing Options
Perfect Paints is the ideal platform for trainees apply the their new-found learning in a training setting. Perfect Paints is now available for training providers as a licensed software package including the complete Perfect Paints Business Management System.

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